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Document Summarizer Help

This is a demo of the Document Summarization Software. Please read the instructions before getting started with the Document Summarizer Online Demo, or click the link to start the Document Summarizer immediately.

The Document Summarizer analyses the meaning of each sentence and generates a brief and precise summary. For a detailed description of the functioning principles of the Document Summarizer, click here.
This demo tool makes it possible to summarize any text in English. Please keep in mind that the size of the input text is confined to 1,500-40,000 symbols (for the demo version of Summarizer only). The summary will be more effective for technical text. You can use patents from http://www.uspto.gov/ (USPTO) as a source for original texts in order to make a summary.

Getting started:
1. Copy any text to the clipboard. You may use the content of local files, web articles or patents from http://www.uspto.gov/;
2. Paste the text into the Summarizer’s “Enter a text” field;
3. Press “Summarize” to get a document summary.
4. On the top of the results page, a document summary consisting of 3 concepts will appear (In the demo version of Summarizer, the user cannot set the number of concepts).

5. To see the source from which the concept was taken, click the required concept and navigate to the pertinent portion of the document

6. Concepts are highlighted in order to be easily found and analyzed within their context.

7. Use the navigation bar to easily switch between the concepts or to return to the document summary.

8. To input another text for summarizing, click the “Back to Online Summarizer Demo” link.

Click here to start working with the Document Summarizer Online Demo

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Use Case:

  Summarizer ensures quick and effective retrieval of necessary technical solutions from complicated patent documents.  
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