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Spellchecker SDK Features

Comprehensive built-in English dictionary
    A dictionary of 311,000 English word forms is included in Spellchecker SDK.

The Russian Language Support
    Possibility to check the Russian language spelling using Intellexer Spellchecker En+Ru version.

High-quality spelling check results
    State-of-the-art algorithms implemented in Spellchecker provide outstanding quality of spell checking.

Spelling correction candidates with weights
    Suggested correct variants for an erroneous spelling are provided with weights. The greater the weight, the bigger the probability of the word for replacement. The most probable word is placed at first position. This option may be used for automatic spelling correction.

Adjustable parameters of the algorithm
    You may set different parameters to control the spelling check process. These include skipping words in upper case, skipping words with digits, skipping words that contain some capital letters, skipping known words.

Customizable user dictionary
    A user dictionary is maintained where additional words may be stored on the fly.

Detailed documentation and examples


Detailed documentation is provided for C++, .NET and common DLL interfaces of Spellchecker. C++, C# and Delphi examples are provided for a developer.

Fully documented interfaces
    All interfaces are thoroughly documented including input and output parametes, returned results and provided effects.

Support of all Windows programming languages


You may use Spellchecker SDK from any programming language that supports importing from DLLs. This may be C#, C++, Delphi, Java, or even Perl. For this purpose, we made the following three interfaces for Spellchecker: C++ headers and DLL, .NET assembly, and common-type DLL with a list of fully-documented exported functions.




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