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Intellexer Spellchecker SDK Use Case

Using the Spellchecker for e-commerce solutions

Many commercial sites dealing with retail sales of various goods have huge product catalogues. Visitors of such online shops prefer using site search to find the necessary product faster. The analysis of log files and search history of a big online shop showed that a great number of users left the site after it returned “not found” search result. Further analysis revealed that the main reason of a large number of such failures is spelling mistakes made by users when entering a search query. The negative consequences for the online shop might be unclaimed service, reduced popularity and profitability of the shop.

As a solution might be the following. Search returns results that are more or less similar in wording to the query instead of showing “not found” results. However, this approach would not completely satisfy the visitor. The probability that he finds a target product among a variety of other items is small. In addition, depending upon the spelling mistake, search might show quite inadequate results from a big database of items.

One of the reliable and effective solutions is the support of spell checking in the query. We offer our clients Intellexer Spellchecker SDK. Its prevailing benefits are cost reduction and ease-of-use. The site owner does not need to order costly ready-made or custom solutions. Intellexer Spellchecker SDK enables the customer to independently install the Spellchecker and freely configure its parameters for specific needs.

In addition, the spellchecker from EffectiveSoft has such an advanced function as «Spelling correction candidates with weights». Once the spellchecker detects a questionable word in the query, it suggests the user a set of correct candidates with weights. The candidates are sorted in a descending order by the replacement relevancy. For the online shop, it is a list of similar products extracted from the database.

Research of the e-commerce communities that are now using Intellexer Spellchecker showed that the amount of visitors coming and staying on the search page significantly increased. The average shop turnover increased by 15 per cent.

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Use Case:

  Using the Spellchecker for e-commerce solutions  
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