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Document Summarizer Principle of Operation

The Document Summarizer analyses the meaning of each sentence and generates a summary from the most relevant key concepts found in the document.
Text to concept
During the initial stage, the Document Summarizer analyzes each text document and converts it in a specific automatic form that represents essential meaning of the document. In such a new representation, concrete words and phrases (initially used as the term base for the documents), acquire a generalized structure. Such an approach makes it possible to describe the entire sentence as a concept. Thus, by processing the concepts, the Document Summarizer analyses the meaning of the document.

The Index is generated from concepts drawn from pre-processed documents. The Index functions together with a variety of Semantic Tools – e.g., Summarizer, Comparator, Natural Language Search Engine, etc. The Index can operate external databases, which is necessary for the effective functioning of document/knowledge management systems that process hundreds of thousands of documents.
Semantic summarization
The semantic tools employed in the Document Summarizer are a unique and powerful instrument, designed as an alternative to a simple key-word search, because it retrieves and analyzes the essential key concepts and thus processes their meaning.
View summary and concept navigation

Upon completion of the analysis, the summarizer generates a logically structured summary with the key concepts of the document extracted. The user can smoothly navigate between the portions of the document containing the concepts.

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Use Case:

  Summarizer ensures quick and effective retrieval of necessary technical solutions from complicated patent documents.  
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