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Document Summarizer Use Case

Technical Patents Summarization
One of the major difficulties facing technical experts lies in retrieving adequate technical solutions in patent databases. In addition to the increasingly growing number of patents, the documents themselves lack proper structural organization. Besides, the requested technical solution may be related to any field of technical knowledge. The experts must therefore view a large number of patents before finding the appropriate one.

In order to optimize the processing of a huge document flow, we offer the Document Summarizer for technical patent summarizing. The Document Summarizer presents an effective solution to the above-mentioned problems. A brief and precise summary containing the primary information makes it unnecessary to read all of the documents.
The developed solution makes it possible to
  1. generate a brief and precise summary of any document, which eliminates the need for reading the entire document;

  2. receive a logically structured summary containing the key concepts after the meaning of each sentence has been analyzed;

  3. manipulate the size of any summary, depending upon the type of work intended with the document;

  4. jump to the key concepts in different portions of the document in order to analyze them in their context.

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Use Case:

  Summarizer ensures quick and effective retrieval of necessary technical solutions from complicated patent documents.  
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